During this pandemic we are all dealing with things. Physically, mentally and spiritually. It is invaluable to focus on yourself! Some have taken this time to make 5 year plans and reorganize their lives. The best you may be able to get is get through this week and that’s perfectly fine. Get through thus week and rest. Don’t feel pressured to be completing things while in competition with others. Many states have opened back up and people aren’t quarantining anymore. I’ve seen a sense of semi-normal coming back. I’ve watched videos of people in clubs, getting manicures at restaurants and it all looks fun. I’ve made the personal decision to continue quarantining because it just doesn’t feel safe yet. Looking at COVID-19 numbers leads me to this conclusion. I don’t want to be apart of any surge. I’d rather shelter in place.

TUPAC back!

Happy Birthday Tupac Amaru Shakur! 🥳 I’m fond of him because of the way he spoke about political issues. I would have been interesting to see the relationships between he and Nipsey or he and The Game. Without doubt when I hear Tupac’s name internally I’m rapping Rick Ross, Tupac back, Tupac back. There’s all these b-tches screaming that Tupac back. All eyes on me, better Picture Me Rollin‘. Buying brand new rims, but them bitches is stolen. Stranded on Death Row, Brenda having my baby But I’m stacking my paper, I need a brand new Mercedes. They screaming Tupac back, Tupac back. There’s all these btiches screaming that Tupac back Rick Ross Before being murdered at the early age of 25 Tupac shared so much knowledge with us. I paid the most attention to Tupac after Poetic Justice. If you haven’t seen it, put that on your list today! Share fond memories of Tupac below or things he taught you.

Every now and again I get an itching to cut my hair. Being in quarantine life probably has given this a major push. Summer is upon us and I’ve seen so many cuts that would look nice on me. See what I mean? Even King Bey had a short cut once upon a time. Chime in! What do you think? Do you think I’ll have regrets about this?